Mompreneurs~The Real & Raw Guide To Starting A Business E-book

Have you been pondering tons of ideas on top of ideas trying to figure out what you should be offering in your business? Does it frustrate you to always see other moms who are starting their business and making money doing what they love. It can be overwhelming when trying to start a business from ground up!

But, the good news is, you can start your business with little to no money upfront. You can start today, gaining clarity about the truths about running a small business. In this easy to ready guide, I share with you my knowledge and tips of over eight years of experience about the good, bad, and ugly about business startups.

Some topics include:

  1. Should you quit your 9-5 Investor (Job)
  2. Where do I get the money to start my business
  3. The importance of Family involvement & so much more!

What others are saying about the book.....

"This Mompreneurs Book is a must-read for aspiring moms that want to start their own business. LaTersa covers everything from content to finances and connections. I feel like I'm now ready to take the plunge! Thank you for this!" ~Rae Laurie

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