Extreme Couponing Class

Are you ready to cut your grocery bill in half? Are you ready to make your money work for you so you can keep more of your hard earned money? Well, it's your lucky day because in this telecourse, I share with you the secrets to extreme couponing. You will learn:

  • How to get FREE toiletries
  • How to get FREE items at Walgreens
  • How to cut your grocery bill in half
  • How to get your meats cheaper
  • How to start a savings account to fund your vision
  • How to make money with couponing
  • and so much more

Did you know that the average family of 4 spends over $800 per month in groceries, according the USA Today in 2016?

Once you learn my easy to follow techniques, you will NEVER want to pay full price for your groceries or toiletries ever again.

BONUS: A Cheat sheet w/ couponing language

BONUS #2: A 30 minute consultation w/ me to answer your questions

See what others are saying....

"Ok so after taking LaTersa's extreme couponing course, I implemented what I learned and I left the house with $30 and came back with all of this stuff. Still learning but great for the first time. Thanks LaTersa!"~ Terri L. Clay

"After taking LaTersa's extreme couponing webinar, I learned some valuable things that I didn't know like: Dollar Tree takes coupons! I didn't know manufacturer coupons could be used at CVS, Dollar General. I thought only the store coupons could be used. Focus on one store at a time. Thanks so much LaTersa for all your valuable resources, can't wait to start my stockpile!" ~Lorraine Smith

"Just took my first couponing class with LaTersa Blakely and I just printed out my first coupon. My husband is super excited! I think he is more excited than me. I look forward to couponing. Thanks LaTersa"~Navetta Abdullateef

2 MP4, 2 PDF and 1 MP3
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